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Top 7 new exciting destinations in Hue to check in

Top 7 new exciting destinations in Hue to check in

Hue tourism is often famous with the 100 years old citadel, tombs, Huong River and Ngu mountain... Not many people know to the others listed below. Contact to a Vietnam local travel agency if you want to explore one of them

 1. Try Zip line and High wire

Alba Thanh Tan is an ideal destination which is located about 40 km from the center of Hue city to the north for you to experience the natural hot spring and Vietnam's two biggest adventure games, Zip line and High wire.
Blow your soul with zipline in Thanh Tan, Hue
If you are dreaming of the free feeling to fly as birds above the thousands of green trees, I think you should try Zip line. With the cable system starting from Ma Yen Mountain, Phong Son Commune, crossing a forest road 560m long at 45m above ground level, you will have the feeling that you are having wings to fast fly through the green jungle, then land next to the gorgeous lakeside of the mineral springs.
The exciting point of this game is that participants will have to overcome their own fear to conquer the challenge at a height of 6m above the ground, on the cable. Via Vietnam Adventure Tour, you can experience zipline activitiy in Hue.
High wire consist of three stages with levels from easy to difficult in total length of 587 m, made from 1463 wooden components, including 32 challenges. The first stage is designed for all of your family to play together, each child with over 1.1 m high will go with father or mother. In the second, third stage, there more difficult challenges such as riding on wooden planks swaying on ropes, climbing over the bridge, balancing on small logs or crossing a single span, so it requires high concentration. Though this game is not as athletic as bodybuilding activities, it will take much energy of people to focus and balance.
Ticket price:
  • Zip line: $7
  • High wire: stage 1: $6, stage 2: $10, stage 3: $10.

2. Visiting a beer factory, Carlsberg Brewery Vietnam - a new experience tour

Huda is a famous beer brand in the Central and can be considered as a special drink of the people here. Therefore, it is really interesting to experience and explore directly the process of producing the special beer in the factory of Carlsberg.

Carlsberg Brewery is lying in the Phu Bai Industrial Zone (Huong Thuy Town, Thua Thien Hue), and far from the center of Hue City about 12 km. This place is really a unique destination for beer lovers and those looking to find and understand the art of brewing beer. Coming here, you will get the chance to see directly the process of brewing beer and modern lines to make best beer products such as Huda, Huda Gold and Carlsberg.
Carlsberg Brewery beer company is one of visiting point of Hue.
Especially in this trip, you can also see the process of producing the beer from raw materials selection, brewing beer, packaging, storage into the warehouse before reaching the consumer. Moreover finally you will be able to try the beers right at the factory and 14 beer tastes around the world for free at the bar in the "miniature museum".
Ticket price and the open time:
  • Open from Monday to Saturday every week with the price $2.5 per one person. Note, children under 18 year old cannot come.
  • Time: 9am to 11am in the morning, from 2pm to 4pm in the afternoon.
  • The way to get tickets: visit website, or contact hotline 0933 140 860, or through the travel company in Hue.

3. Ba Thang Hai park

Ba Thang Hai park is considered as the most beautiful park of the city, lying on Le Loi street. With the cool road by the shadow of green trees, the view toward to gentle Huong river and outstanding I love Hue symbol, this park has become a must-have check-in spot.

4. Parle A Luoi Eco tourism Area

Parle A Luoi Eco tourism Area is in Hong Ha commune, far from A Luoi Town about 22 km and about 50 km from the center of Hue city. You can drive from Hue city center, on Highway 49 and go down Ta Luong pass for about 5 km, then to this Eco tourism area. If you start from A Luoi, you need cross the Quarry Bridge and A Co Pass go to the Parle eco-tourist site. It is about 200 m from the gate to the center of this Eco tourism area, going from a far distance, you can also hear the sound of streams flowing and the birds singing.
A Luoi Eco tourism is wonderful with the peaceful stream like this.
There are two big beaches here which can hold very many people. Coming here, tourists can enjoy the romantic scenery of the nature, the fresh streams and try many specialties as grilled fish, grilled chicken with Lam rice and very spicy chili salt.  Due to its primeval forest surrounding, the beautiful, cool and fresh scenery, this place is destination you should not miss when coming to A Luoi.  In addition, in the upstream stream there is a beautiful cave system with fresh water channels flowing from the mountain.

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5. Ru Cha primary forest

In Thuan Hoa village, Huong Phong commune, Huong Tra town, Ru Cha is the only remaining primary forest on Tam Giang lagoon. The unique Ru Cha comes from that the Cha trees are over 90 percent of this forest. To Ru Cha, you can start from the center of the city, go on the Highway 49, and turn left Thao Long dam.
Ru Cha a primary mangrove forest.
When coming into Ru Cha, you will have the feeling like being in a distinct world of the nature, very wild and quiet. On the two sides of the road to Ru Cha are rows of Cha trees with cool shadow. Especially, there is only one family living here, and people call them as the keepers. In particular, in the forest, there is a shrine to worship the Holy Mother. People here say that this shrine is very scared and brings many mysterious stories.

6. Thuy Tien Lake Park

This place has been uncultivated for a long time, but after the post of Huffington Post about this site, Ho Thuy Tien park suddenly becomes famous for many young people to visit. The pictures of amusement park, virtual world play room, water park, boat on the lake, water music stage, restaurant ... maybe make you "cool backbone" when you step inside.
Thuy Tien Lake Park is an forgotten entertainment.
This park is lying in Thuy Bang Commune, Huong Thuy Town, and far from the center of Hue city about 10 km to the southwest. When coming there, you can see Thuy Tien lake silently lie inside pine hill with the image of abandoned works at a cost of over 3200 USD. In spite of not being completed, this park is opened to welcome tourists in 2004. However after a period of operation, the park was degraded, and the business is not effective, then this destination is uncultivated till now.

7. Khe Lanh (Lanh interstice)

It will take you about one hour to from the center of Hue city to Lanh interstice, a small waterfall located in the reservoir area of Binh Dien hydropower – Huong Tra town - Thua Thien Hue province. If you want to into this destination, you have to get permission of the reservoir area under the management of the Binh Dien hydropower plant.
Khe Lanh, Hue
After passing the factory door, you can park your car at the watershed management station, then contact the local boat to get to Lanh interstice. About 45 minutes on boat, and 15 minutes to walk following the cliffs near the stream, then you will get the foot of the waterfall. And if you want to take beautiful photos, you should start going at 6.00 a.m, after going into the waterfall, the sunshine will slide to create such beautiful moments.